Chairman's Desk


Our institution, MARTHANDAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, designed to suit the need for future professionals, has rightly chosen the axiom, "Aspire, Act, Achieve". It is an accepted psychological and time-honoured fact that learning is a gradual process, repeated several times to attain four levels of competence.

When a child is given some books and a bag for the first time, he does not know that the bag is meant to pack the books in. This is the first level, unconscious incompetence, which changes to the second, conscious incompetence, when he knows about it, but still does not succeed in packing the books in the bag. Subsequently, he aspires to learn it and reaches the third level conscious competence. Later he repeats the act and has mastery of it, and thus achieves the fourth level, unconscious competence. At a juncture when space and time are set at a high premium, this college hopes to impart unconscious competence by constant training, for we believe that nurturing of the wards entrusted to our tender care, is the service we pay for the space we occupy, and the time we utilize on this planet.

May we make it known that we are the associates, the advisors, and the academicians, assisting you to aspire, to act, and to achieve. Yes, Aspire, Act, Achieve! Your success is our reward. Welcome to Marthandam's marathon race for knowledge.