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We are dedicated to provide a reliable, safe and secure academic environment to the female students as well as to the female staff. As per the guidelines, given by the central as well as state governments and educational bodies, the Internal Complaints Committee (Anti-sexual Harassment Cell) has been established.


  • To take measures for sensitizing students as well as staff on gender issues
  • To develop a policy to prevent sexual harassment of women in the institution
  • To promote awareness about sexual harassments through various initiatives that nurture a safe environment for women on campus
  • To provide a neutral, confidential and supportive environment for the staff and the students
  • To guarantee impartial and timely resolution of complaints on sexual harassments
  • To provide counselling and supportive services
  • To provide students and faculty with current information on sexual harassment and assault
  • To uphold the commitment of the Institution, which is to provide an environment free of gender-based discrimination

The Internal Complaints Committee consists of the following members:
Sl.No. Name Category Present Designation/ Occupation Mobile Number E-mail
1. Mrs. Anchana B.S Chairperson Associate Prof. CSE 7502464904
2. Dr. R. Meenambika Member Associate Prof. Physics 9944512905
3. Mrs. M. Joselin Kavitha Member Asst. Prof./ECE 9500300020
4. Mrs. M. Jacculine Shobha Member Asst. Prof. EEE 9843328696
5. Mrs. S. Parkavi MemberAsst. Prof./Civil 9442496912
6. Mr. Graceson D.N Member Asst. Prof./Mech. 8939562991
7. Dr. B. Edna Edith Member/ Psychologist Associate Prof. English 9486325913
8. Ms. Nimmy Lazer Member Asst. Prof./ ECE 9843286048

Procedure for logging complaint: the complaints should be submitted, either through email or by post or in person without much delay after an incident has occurred, preferably in writing with details of the victim’s name, designation, contact number and address. The complainant should provide the following information:

  • Name, department and position of the person, who allegedly committed the offence
  • Details of the incident(s), including the date(s), location(s) and the presence of any witnesses
  • The names of the other individuals, who might have been subjected to the same or similar harassments

As soon as the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) receives the complaint, the Chairperson of ICC will initiate an enquiry and upon conclusion of the investigation, the Chairperson will submit a written report of the Committee’s findings to the Principal. The Committee will recommend appropriate disciplinary action, which depends on the severity, frequency as well as pervasiveness of the conduct and the validity of the evidences. Finally, the recommendations, submitted by the Committee will be implemented by the Principal.